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Brett (BRETT): Pepe's Best Friend on the Base Blockchain

Apr 29, 2024

In the world of meme coins, Pepe is one of the stars. This cartoon of a frog has spawned countless cryptos, memes and NFTs, so it's no surprise that many other crypto creators hope to capitalize on Pepe's fame. Brett is a promising new project that aims to attract Pepe fans by paying homage to classic internet webcomics. Will Brett's association with Pepe be a benefit or a burden? Explore this guide to find out how the two cryptos are connected, and why so many meme fans are interested in Brett.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brett is a new cryptocurrency meme coin loosely related to the Pepe meme. In the original Matt Furie webcomic that created Pepe the Frog, Brett — a blue animal — was Pepe's best friend.

  • Looking to trade Brett tokens? Bybit now offers the BRETT/USDT Spot trading pair and BRETTUSDT Perpetual contracts.


What Is Brett?

Brett is a new cryptocurrency meme coin that’s loosely related to the Pepe meme. Originally conceived in the Matt Furie webcomic that created Pepe the Frog, Brett was a blue animal who was Pepe's best friend. Brett crypto pays homage to this character by making Brett the face of its project.

What Does Brett Aim to Achieve?

Little is known about who founded Brett or what their eventual goals are, but Brett's website and social media presence share some details about the project’s plans. Brett is all about building a supportive community on the Base chain. The Brett team chose a mascot from a Matt Furie comic as a way to attract fans of the original meme. Though its members aren’t officially affiliated with Furie in any way, they hope that their crypto's name and mascot will resonate with internet meme enthusiasts. 

Brett’s team aims to attract strong support from this community and convert it into engagement for the Brett cryptocurrency. Through memes and other forms of casual marketing, Brett’s developers hope to raise awareness and get more people involved in the project, turning fans into a thoughtful community that can demonstrate the potential of the Base chain and eventually create more collaboration with other Base projects. 

How Does Brett Work?

The Brett token is built on the Base chain, an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain designed by Coinbase. It runs parallel to the main Ethereum blockchain, and processes transactions independently. All transactions made on Base are then bundled into a rollup and posted on the main Ethereum chain. 

By running its project on Base, Brett’s team receives access to Base’s helpful blend of security and scalability. The Ethereum blockchain provides a reliable way to process transactions, while Base obviates potential long transaction times and high gas fees. Brett’s team hopes to make use of Base’s compatibility with other chains. In the long run, this will support Brett’s crossovers with other meme projects, NFT collections and web3 DApps.

BRETT Tokenomics

The BRETT meme coin can be used for trading and participating in meme culture. BRETT has a token supply of just under 10 billion, 85% of which will provide liquidity for the Brett system and remain locked for 35 days. Another 10% will go into a treasury for ecosystem development, and 5% will be used for the Brett centralized exchange (CEX) wallet.

BRETT’s Popularity

BRETT was released without much fanfare in February 2024. However, beginning around Mar 5, 2024, BRETT price started climbing upward and didn't slow down. By Apr 8, 2024, it achieved its ATH of $0.08617. Since then, Brett has continued to perform well, staying above $0.05 for the most part. As of Apr 29, 2024, its price is $0.04769, with a market cap of $403 million.

These pricing trends have made BRETT popular, and it has large numbers of token holders and a respectable trading volume. BRETT has also made history as one of the first meme coins on the Base chain to make it into Coinbase's list of top cryptocurrencies. 

Where to Buy BRETT

Looking to trade BRETT tokens? Bybit now offers both the BRETT/USDT Spot trading pair and BRETTUSDT Perpetual contracts. To get started, you’ll first need to create a Bybit account, fund it with cryptocurrency, and navigate to the BRETT/USDT Spot trading page or BRETTUSDT Perpetual contracts trading page


Is BRETT A Good Investment?

There are several factors that make Brett a promising investment. First of all, the fact that it's built on the Base chain has helped it attract attention from crypto enthusiasts who like to build on Base. Furthermore, the token has done a good job of capitalizing on past memes. By picking Pepe's best friend as its mascot, this coin gets a built-in fan base who have a proven history of buying meme coins. 

In addition to all the helpful hype, Brett also has a highly reassuring history of stable prices. Unlike many other meme coins, it's managed to maintain its spot as one of the top trending coins for almost a month. According to DigitalCoinPrice, Brett's pricing data suggests that the coin is likely to reach $0.10 by 2024 and $0.36 by 2030.

There are many reasons to get excited about BRETT. However, cryptocurrency is inherently a volatile asset, and even the best meme coins go through drastic changes in price. Since most of these coins don't have any utility outside of trading and entertainment, it can be challenging to predict when prices will change. For best results, investors need to exercise caution and take steps to mitigate risk before purchasing BRETT or any other meme coins.

Closing Thoughts

As one of the first big meme coins built on the Base chain, BRETT is in an exciting position. In just a few short months, it's experienced large price increases without any major declines. Many people believe this success is due to Brett's ability to win over Pepe enthusiasts. Ultimately, BRETT is certainly worth checking out if you’re interested in investing in meme coins.