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TapSwap (TAPS): Earn Tokens With Every Tap on Telegram

Jun 13, 2024

Barely before the dust settles on Telegram-based Notcoin (NOT), another tap-to-earn clicker game known as TapSwap is already grabbing headlines. With its high hopes of cashing out from just tapping your phone, Tapswap has become the craze — especially in Nigeria, where many people have been seen mining heavily through the Telegram bot.

Now that TapSwap has over 46 million players, many are eagerly awaiting its token launch, currently set for Jul 1, 2024. If the tapping mania surrounding the project is anything to go by, then the TAPS token could blow up the price charts. What is TapSwap — and why is it causing such a frenzy among crypto enthusiasts? 

Let’s find out.

Key Takeaways:

  • TapSwap is a tap-to-earn Telegram-based game that lets you mine gold coins, known as shares, that will later be converted to TAPS tokens, which participants will be able to cash out on exchanges.

  • The game has spun off from the incredible success of Notcoin, some of whose players have made small fortunes by tapping on Telegram to earn points.

  • TapSwap's TAPS token is expected to launch on Jul 1, 2024 on the TON blockchain.


What Is TapSwap?

TapSwap is a blockchain-powered clicker game on Telegram in which you can earn tokens through various mining features on the app. The main goal is to complete missions in order to maximize your in-game currency and earn coins/shares, which you’ll later be able to exchange for TAP tokens.

TapSwap has swept over the globe, especially in Nigeria. It requires you to tap on your phone and mine via a Telegram bot. By performing simple tasks on the Telegram in-app game, you earn gold coins (termed “shares”), which most believe they’ll be able to cash out for USDT once the TAP token launches.

While the vision behind the game isn't clear, some believe it's a strategic move to attract as many people as possible to the crypto project without their needing to grasp the technical nature of blockchain technology.

Is TapSwap Like Notcoin?

TapSwap’s craze has been widely attributed to Notcoin’s enormous success. As with Notcoin, players need to use Telegram to carry out activities (what’s being called “mining”). The two games also share the vision of rewarding gamification with tokens that possess real-world utility — i.e., your mining points will be converted into tokens that you can cash out on exchanges.

When the NOT token was launched, some participants in mining Notcoin made fortunes. The token’s current market capitalization is almost $2 billion, and its price continues to hit new all-time highs frequently.

While Notcoin mining is no longer available (closed on Apr 1, 2024,) TapSwap mining is still open on Telegram. Another tap-to-earn game still available is Hamster Kombat (HMSTR), also on Telegram, in which you tap on a cute hamster to earn points.

How to Get Started With TapSwap

To get started with TapSwap, visit its website or X page. There, you'll find a link to the TapSwap Telegram bot (you'll need to have Telegram installed on your phone). Once you click on the link, it will redirect you to your Telegram account.

You'll then receive a welcome message. Click on Start, and a message will follow with a Play button on the bottom left. Once you click on it, you’ll be redirected to the TapSwap bot, where you can start tapping to earn tokens. Note that the app may take some time to load, due to congestion on its network.

The number of tokens/shares you can earn per day is limited by your energy limit, starting with 500 energy points. You start with the Wood League at 0 shares, and are then leveled up to the Bronze League when you begin tapping. As you earn shares and level up, you can climb up the league chart and reach the Mythic League, which requires a minimum of 50 million shares.

Initially, TapSwap was slated to be powered by Solana, but the team has announced that the game will no longer be built on the Solana chain and will be launched on TON instead. Consequently, you don’t need to connect your Solana-based wallet in order to start playing TapSwap.

Boosting Your Earnings on TapSwap

Earning tokens on TapSwap is easy. The more you tap, the more shares you’ll earn. Shares will be displayed on your token balance. However, your fingers may get tired from all that tapping! With that in mind, TapSwap has introduced various ways for you to effortlessly earn extra tokens without actively tapping.


When you invite your friends to join TapSwap, you'll earn shares passively from a portion of their earnings — meaning you’ll gain even when you aren't tapping.

Completing Simple Tasks

Another way to boost your earnings is by completing tasks, some as straightforward as achieving the different League levels or referring a certain number of people to join.


The shares that you earn can be used to further your earnings via Boosters. For instance, to level up and gain an additional 500 energy limit for each level increase, you need to spend 200 shares on the Energy Limit booster. You can also unlock more shares using Daily Boosters, which are free to use (albeit with a limit of three times for each booster). Choose between the Tapping Guru or Full Tank boosters. The former allows you to multiply your income by five times for 20 seconds, while the latter recharges your energy to the max.


What You Need to Know About the TapSwap Launch

TapSwap will release its native token on the TON blockchain with a pool launch on Jul 1, 2024. Since the TapSwap Telegram group announced that the project won’t be launching on the Solana blockchain, as previously planned, you can qualify for the TAPS token airdrop without connecting to a Solana-based wallet.

Furthermore, due to information circulating that TapSwap had banned players from Nigeria, some people from that country began using VPNs to bypass the geo restrictions. However, the TapSwap team clarified that the restriction wasn’t targeting the Nigerian community, but was rather intended to help find the location from which a DDoS attack had originated.

As TapSwap strives to enhance its gaming experience, it’s crucial for anyone using TapSwap to join its official channels in order to stay informed with accurate news and updates.

Closing Thoughts

As tap-to-earn mania continues to gain momentum, TapSwap provides a fun and innovative way to earn cash for performing simple tasks that don’t require technical crypto knowledge. Based on the success of Notcoin, many are hopeful that TapSwap will make them a fortune once the TAP token launches.