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MetalCore (MCG): Shoot to Earn in a Dystopian Open World


The rise in blockchain technology has transformed many industries — including the gaming world. It’s seen a tremendous rise in web3, since it provides gamers with an opportunity to earn real-world value through activities and quests. However, many of these play-to-earn (P2E) games fall short in delivering immersive experiences, as they’re often plagued by simplistic mechanics, subpar graphics and unengaging gameplay.

Against the backdrop of these shortcomings, MetalCore was created to offer gamers an alternative by providing an immersive gaming experience and the sophistication of AAA games, which has been scarce in the blockchain space.

Let’s learn more about the MetalCore universe.

Key Takeaways:

  • MetalCore is a first-person shooter game that seeks to provide gamers with a deep and immersive playing experience in a fast-paced battleground where NFTs possess real-world value.

  • The game is powered by three tokens which interact in an intricate way to ensure incentivized play.

  • MCG is the ERC-20 token for the platform, and is available for trading on Bybit's Adventure Zone.


What Is MetalCore?

MetalCore is a free-to-play, non-fungible token (NFT)-based first-person shooter combat action multiplayer game. It’s set in a visually stunning dystopian world of a war-torn planet, with players engaging in battles to establish dominance over territories and earn glory.

Developed by Studio 369 and Umbrella Network and designed by graphics legend Stephan Martinière, MetalCore aims for deep gameplay mechanics combined with blockchain-based play-to-earn NFT functionalities. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4, which is the force behind epic games such as Fortnite, Batman: Arkham City and Final Fantasy VII Remake, among others. MetalCore has launched two closed beta phases, with its native MCG token released alongside its second closed beta in early April 2024.

A key feature of MetalCore is its integration with blockchain technology, specifically leveraging the Immutable zkEVM blockchain. Immutable zkEVM is often confused with Immutable X, mainly as they’re both developed by Immutable, a Layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum (ETH). However, they boast distinct differences. Immutable zkEVM is an EVM-compatible ZK-rollup powered by Polygon (POL) that supports smart contracts, facilitating advanced gameplay and rich tokenomics. Meanwhile, Immutable X is more suitable for less complex games, as it doesn’t support smart contracts.

MetalCore’s strategic partnership with Immutable zkEVM blockchain enhances the game's security, scalability and transaction speed, ensuring a seamless and reliable gaming experience for players. The use of blockchain also underpins the game's play-to-earn mechanics, allowing players to own, trade and monetize in-game assets with true ownership.

MetalCore Gameplay

MetalCore's gameplay is designed to keep players captivated from the onset through PvP and PvE battles, as well as open-world Faction fights.

You start the game as a foot soldier in individual Garage missions, and climb the ranks to collect more destructive weapons to aid you in conquering battles. During your battles, you'll build and drive war vehicles such as gunships and fighter jets, rally comrades and lead guilds to territorial wars. You get to collect, merge and develop blueprints of war machines, which you can then sell, trade or lend for a profit.

Additionally, you can play with friends by forming in-game guilds known as Baronies, sharing resources and single-use blueprints with other Barony members. Each Barony has to align itself to a warring Faction to vie for planetary dominance. There are three Factions in total: the Metal Punks, Gear Breakers and Holy Corporation.

MetalCore’s economy is powered by three crucial currencies that seamlessly interact to provide an incentivized and immersive gameplay. The three tokens are:

  • Holy Credits — These are MetalCore's in-game soft tokens, which you can use to progress through various loops in the game.

  • SHARDS — This is the premium currency on MetalCore, used for acquisition (e.g., purchase of consumables and crafting legendary items), unit progression (such as upgrading an non-NFT vehicle), and gameplay (for example, speeding up repairs of vehicles and switching your war Faction).

  • MCG — This is the game’s ERC-20 token, which can be converted into a SHARD. It provides various utilities in the game and offers progression through the leaderboard (more on this later).

MetalCore Token (MCG) distribution.


What Is the MetalCore Token (MCG)?

Previously known as the FAB token, MetalCore’s MCG token is the cornerstone of the game's economy. Players can earn MCG through in-game activities like completing missions, winning battles, owning MetalCore NFTs and participating in events. You can use MCG for the following activities inside the game:

  • Mint your vehicle into an NFT, which you can then trade

  • Power your NFT vehicles

  • Strengthen your vehicle's payload capacity

  • Hire reinforcements during battles and unlock new armory assets

  • Rapid deployment to front lines of fighting

  • Stake for progression in Barony, Garage and Faction

MCG’s total and finite supply is 3 billion tokens, of which over 50% have been reserved to sustain the growth of the MetalCore ecosystem. Distribution of these tokens is as shown below.

  • Ecosystem fund — 13.64% (409.1M)

  • Community — 37.5% (1,125M)

  • Team — 13.83% (414.9M)

  • Private Sale — 30.03% (901M)

  • Liquidity — 3% (90M)

  • Advisors — 2% (60M)

The locking/unlocking schedule for the above token distribution is as follows:

MCG token schedule.


Where to Buy MCG

You can buy MCG on Bybit’s Spot trading platform. MCG is now trading on Bybit's Adventure Zone, a dedicated section for new and promising tokens, offering traders an opportunity to get involved early and potentially reap significant rewards but at higher fees.

To celebrate this listing, Bybit is holding a series of events until Jul 12, 2024, 9AM UTC.

The first three events are for trading and/or depositing funds, with a total prize pool of 26 million MCG tokens.

  • Event 1: Deposit to Earn — This 16 million MCG prize pool event is exclusive to new users who successfully register on Bybit, get verified and accumulate a deposit volume of 3,000 MCG, or deposit at least 100 USDT and trade 100 USDT worth of MCG as their first trade with Bybit.

  • Event 2: Trade to Earn — To share in the 6 million MCG prize pool set aside for this event, simply trade at least 500 USDT worth of MCG on Spot. Rewards will be capped at 50,000 MCG per user.

  • Event 3: MCG x Referral Boost — Invite your friends to register with Bybit via your referral code. If they participate in either of the above two events, you'll receive 200 MCG for each successful referee, capped at five referees.

Furthermore, Bybit is holding four special events for existing users who complete simple tasks, with 45,000 MCG tokens up for grabs through Jul 12, 2024, 11:59PM UTC.

  • Event 1: Complete Gleam tasks and earn from a prize pool of 11,250 MCG

  • Event 2: Obtain full marks on a MetalCore quiz and earn from an 11,250 MCG prize pool

  • Event 3: Predict on Discord what the closing price of MCG will be on Jul 12, 2024 at 11:59PM UTC. Note: Predictions must be made before Jul 10, 2024, 8AM UTC. The ten users who make the correct or closest predictions will share 11,250 MCG.

  • Event 4: Analyze $MCG market behavior and comment on Bybit’s official Reddit. Creators of the 10 best analyses will be selected to share from a 11,250 MCG prize pool.


MetalCore Game NFTs

MetalCore is powered by NFTs, which play an instrumental role in the game's economic activities. Its Infantry Genesis NFT collection consists of 10,000 NFTs, and is free for the public to mint on the Ethereum blockchain. Infantry NFT holders can access a wide range of benefits, including early play access to MetalCore'sOpen World Alpha game launch, access to in-game assets, whitelisting opportunities and future NFT airdrops and giveaways.

Closing Thoughts

MetalCore is setting a new standard for play-to-earn games, blending AAA titles' high-quality graphics and engaging gameplay with the innovative and rewarding mechanics of blockchain technology. Its robust economy, powered by the MetalCore token (MCG) and a sophisticated three-token system, ensures that players earn real-world value through their in-game efforts. NFTs further enhance the experience, providing players with unique and valuable assets that can be owned and traded. While MetalCore’s contribution to blockchain gaming is indeed remarkable, be sure to DYOR before investing in MCG or any other crypto token.