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Elixir Games (ELIX): Your Web3 Portal to Indie Games

Jun 10, 2024

While big studios and franchises dominate the gaming industry, indie games have always had a dedicated and enthusiastic fan base. Elixir Games is a Solana-based web3 gaming platform focused on indie games. Founded in 2018, it’s expanded its offerings to over 150 gaming titles, and is referred to by some sources as the leading gaming provider in the web3 space. In late May 2024, Elixir Games launched its native cryptocurrency, ELIX, accompanied by exciting airdrops for the platform's non-fungible token (NFT) user community and other parties.

Key Takeaways:

  • Elixir Games is a Solana-based web3 gaming platform offering access to more than 150 indie games across multiple blockchains.

  • The Elixir platform has two primary components a game launcher and a launchpad that supports promising web3 gaming tokens.

  • Its native governance token, ELIX, features multiple use cases, such as payments, access to exclusive airdrops and staking opportunities.


What Is Elixir Games?

Elixir Games (ELIX) is a gaming platform on the Solana (SOL) blockchain dedicated to supporting and hosting indie web3 games. Backed bythe well-known Japanese gaming giant Square Enix, which has released wildly popular games such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Space Invaders, Elixir powers over 150 blockchain games and claims to be the largest web3 game platform in the industry. It was founded by blockchain developer Carlos Roldan in 2018. 

In March 2024, the project raised $14 million in a seed round led by Square Enix, and 2024 in general has been very eventful for the platform. In addition to raising funds in a seed round, Elixir Games launched its native token, ELIX, on May 30, 2024, and announced a series of airdrops held around the token launch period.

Elixir Games Key Features

Elixir Games Launcher

Elixir Games Launcher provides access to the entire ecosystem of indie games supported by the platform. You can download the Games Launcher from the Elixir website for Windows, macOS or Unix devices and play the available games within a secure environment. The games can be played across supported blockchains like Solana, Ethereum (ETH), Arbitrum (ARB), Immutable X (IMX) and others using Elixir's integrated wallet. The Elixir Games Launcher provides access to PC-based indie games across diverse genres, including auto-battlers, RPGs, strategy, arcades and many more.

Elixir Launchpad

In addition to offering gaming titles via its Games Launcher, the platform also hosts the Elixir Launchpad to support promising web3 gaming projects. Elixir's own crypto token, ELIX, has also been launched via this launchpad. 

Elixir Launchpad specializes in IDO-style launches, helping new tokens gain exposure on decentralized exchange (DEX) platforms. New gaming projects incubated via the Elixir Launchpad can expect support from Elixir Games via a gamified tier system in areas such as allocations in upcoming games, cashback systems, token airdrops and more.

Elixir Developer Dashboard

The Elixir developer dashboard allows game publishers to easily manage their titles on its platform. It also enables them to handle functions such as importing custom NFT collections, distributing access codes and setting up on-platform tournaments. Developers and game publishers can quickly create an Elixir account to access the dashboard, and the project provides specific documentation to help Unity- and Unreal Engine–based games.

What Is the Elixir Games Crypto Token (ELIX)?

The platform's native crypto, ELIX, provides access to select launchpad games, staking opportunities, premium events and exclusive airdrops. It also serves as a governance token, enabling its holders to participate in the decision-making process on any changes and future developments related to the Elixir Games ecosystem. ELIX may also be used to pay for participating in games on the platform's marketplace.

A deflationary token with a total and maximum supply of 1.5 billion, ELIX has a certain percentage distributed via pre-IDO, IDO and Launchpad airdrops. The pre-IDO involves staking LITT tokens (the native crypto of a web3 gaming developer, LitLab Games) in order to qualify for an allocation of ELIX. Meanwhile, the IDO consists of two rounds: the NFT Holders Round, in which 350,000 USDT worth of ELIX tokens are allocated, and the NFT FCFS Round, in which 400,000 USDT worth of tokens are allocated.

Launchpad airdrops have included the Season One Airdrop held from Apr 19 Jun 3, 2024, which gave users the chance to qualify for 999 special Flask NFTs issued by Elixir Games. A season pass also created opportunities to participate in on-platform quests and social media challenges. Under the rules of the airdrop campaign, Flask NFT holders could choose to burn their NFTs for the chance to win an allocation of ELIX tokens, or hold them for future benefits and rewards.


Where to Buy the ELIX Token

The ELIX token is available on Bybit via the Spot market (ELIX/USDT). You can also take advantage of Bybit's campaign dedicated to the token for the chance to grab a share of a 4.2 million ELIX prize pool through Jun 12, 2024, 9AM UTC.

This campaign is split into three events:

  1. Deposit to Earn: Exclusive to new users, featuring a 3.2 million ELIX prize pool. Deposit at least 2,000 ELIX, or deposit at least 100 USDT and trade 100 USDT worth of ELIX to earn 512 ELIX. Rewards are limited to the first 6,250 new users who enter.

  2. Trade to Earn: Trade at least 500 USDT worth of ELIX on Spot to earn a share of the 500,000 ELIX prize pool. Rewards will be capped at 20,000 ELIX per user.

  3. Elix x Referral Boost: Invite others to sign up on Bybit with your referral code and to join Event 1 or Event 2 above, and you'll receive 125 ELIX for every successful referee (up to 5 successful referees).

Closing Thoughts

Indie games have remained a relatively neglected niche in the web3 gaming world, but that's about to change — now that Elixir Games has gotten serious about dominating the space. Although the project's roots go back to 2018, it wasn't until 2024 that Elixir Games really took off. A significant funding boost, aggressive airdrop campaigns and the launch of its native token all indicate that Elixir Games is looking to make indie games a key pillar of the overall web3 gaming ecosystem.