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15 Best Telegram-Based Crypto Games That Should Be on Your List

9 Th07 2024

For over a decade, Telegram has been one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world. Thanks to the intriguing new applications of crypto, Telegram has even more ways to appeal to users. The app is now the host of a variety of crypto games that can provide users with entertainment and profits. How does crypto gaming work on Telegram — and are Telegram games really worth playing? Keep reading to find out.

Key Takeaways:

  • Telegram-based crypto games run on the Telegram app and use blockchain technology. 

  • Most of these Telegram-based crypto games involve simple goals, such as tapping the screen or completing a task, and use the blockchain to keep track of information and provide users with crypto rewards.

  • Some of these Telegram-based games include Notcoin, Hamster Kombat and Yescoin.


What Are Telegram-Based Crypto Games?

Telegram-based crypto games run on the Telegram app and use blockchain technology. Most of these games involve simple goals, such as tapping the screen or completing a task. The games use the blockchain to keep track of information and provide users with crypto rewards.

How Do Telegram-Based Crypto Games Work?

Telegram games rely on new updates to Telegram that make it possible to run programs through the messaging app. First, game creators start by designing web apps with JavaScript or other types of programming languages. Next, they create a bot that runs on Telegram. The automated bot sends regular messages to users to run the game. 

Depending upon the game, users can either respond to the bot in the Telegram app or click on a link to visit a browser-based version of the game. Either way, users who participate in Telegram games become part of a larger community. Most games include features such as scoreboards and competitions that encourage players to see who can play best and earn the most points. 

These crypto games take the concept of Telegram games and link it to the blockchain. The Telegram bot then sends information to a blockchain oracle that posts details from the game on-chain. Some games use the blockchain to keep track of individual user accounts or points totals. Most games also use it to manage the in-game economy and distribute monetary rewards in the form of crypto tokens.

The Rise in Popularity of Telegram-Based Crypto Games

The technology that allows Telegram to run crypto games has only been around for a short time, but it's already taking the crypto world by storm. In just a few short months, multiple games have managed to attract millions of users. For example, Hamster Kombat was founded in late March 2024 and had over 60 million users within a couple of months. The top games on Telegram currently have more than 150 million people playing them. 

It's worth noting that this popularity has had effects on the crypto community as a whole. Some games have released crypto coins that are being widely traded by gamers and investors alike. In particular, Notcoin has managed to achieve a market capitalization approaching $2 billion. This rise in popularity has also impacted entire blockchains. Many of the Telegram games are run on The Open Network (previously known as Telegram Open Network, before Telegram abandoned the project and transferred it to the community, who renamed it), which has helped boost the popularity of the network's native token, TON.

Pros and Cons of Telegram-Based Crypto Games

Telegram games on the blockchain are certainly a novel and exciting concept, but are they actually a good idea? Take a look at the pros and cons to decide for yourself.

Pros of Telegram Crypto Games

Following are some of the many reasons people choose to play Telegram games with in-game assets on the blockchain:

  • Fun interactions with other members of the crypto community

  • Potential to earn money on the crypto market

  • Entertaining mobile gameplay

  • Access to the latest crypto trends and exclusive cryptos

  • Easy and simple ways to play games

Cons of Telegram Crypto Games

Like any other crypto gaming system, Telegram games do also have some potential downsides:

  • Lack of complex gameplay

  • Time investment may not result in worthwhile profits

  • Excessive use of phone battery

  • Potential privacy concerns from sketchy games

  • Lack of details about token airdrops for new games

Best Telegram-Based Crypto Games

To get a better understanding of how Telegram games on the blockchain work, take a look at some of the most popular games on the market.

Hamster Kombat

With a user base of over 230 million people, Hamster Kombat has been one of the top Telegram games for months. This game contains an appealing blend of simple gameplay and complex strategy. The most basic level of Hamster Kombat simply involves tapping a hamster to mine HMSTR coins. For optimal mining, users have to do more than just a single click. You'll need to balance your various boosts and participate in quests. Users can also receive benefits from joining the Hamster Kombat Telegram channel and interacting with the community.

Hamster Kombat runs on the TON blockchain. Once the game makers finish their beta run, they plan on converting HMSTR coins to crypto coins that run on TON. These coins will be fully tradable, so players’ crypto wallets will become depositories for real-world crypto with defined values. Hamster Kombat plans on generating tokens sometime in summer 2024, and users are already speculating excitedly about how much these tokens will be worth on the crypto market. 


Notcoin is one of the oldest Telegram-based crypto games, and it still remains a classic option. A simple clicker-style game, Notcoin has been around since early 2024. Users generate tokens by tapping on a button on the Telegram app. The game then mines these tokens on TON to create actual crypto assets. Notcoin has attracted a lot of praise for its simple yet intriguingly addictive premise.

The game's native token, NOT, has already attracted significant attention. Not only are people mining NOT tokens in the game, but they're also trading them on crypto exchanges. There are over 102 billion NOT on the market, and the game's coin has a market cap of over $1.5 billion. 


Yescoin aims to take the classic clicker play-to-earn game design and make it a little more exciting. The game requires users to swipe in certain directions in order to earn coins. It features an old-school pixel background, and encourages people to swipe wildly to collect as many tokens as possible. Yescoin features multiple leagues, and users who earn enough to get into higher leagues receive even better bonuses. In the later stages of the game, it even includes mechanics such as automated coin collection tools.

The game's swipe-to-earn mechanics and charming aesthetic have proven to be quite popular. It's gained over 8 million members for its Telegram channel in just a month, and has millions of people playing its game. Players of Yescoin earn tokens that will allow them to collect YES crypto coins in an upcoming airdrop. 


TapSwap is another Telegram game with a straightforward and easy premise. Anyone who adds the TapSwap bot to their Telegram channel can tap the screen and mine coins. As you progress through the game, you unlock boosters that let you further fine-tune your earning potential. TapSwap has leaderboards and competitive leagues that make it even more fun to play, as users can race each other and work to outscore opponents.

TapSwap stands out from some of the other clicker games on Telegram because it's not just on the TON blockchain: it’s also integrated into the Solana blockchain. Users earn in-game currencies as they play TapSwap, and can then cash out their funds by converting them to a token called TAPS. TapSwap has proven very popular with Solana fans and already has over 30 million users. However, the game is struggling to actually release its TAPS token as a tradable currency on exchanges, so only time will tell if this game's popularity can last.


This play-to-earn game is a popular choice among players who want more complex gameplay in a virtual world. In it, players in charge of a cat colony select cats, collect resources and design a settlement for their animals. Though the game’s system has fewer users than simple play-to-earn games like Notcoin, it's done an excellent job of retaining customers with its appealing gameplay.

Catizen has two separate in-game currencies: FISH coins are used to level up your creatures, while vKitty points affect your position on the leaderboard. Catizen's system allows players to exchange their vKitty points for CATI tokens, the official crypto tokens that are tradable on crypto exchanges. Catizen is skipping an initial coin offering (ICO), so at the time of their airdrop the only way to earn CATI is by playing the game.


MemeFi provides plenty of socialization opportunities for players. Through its Telegram channel, players can join a clan system and work together to win competitions. Users complete missions within the app, and earn points that help boost their clan. The game's theme is internet memes, so it has a lot of humorous references that crypto fans will enjoy.

Players purchase keys that they use to unlock points and rewards. The main goal of the game is to accumulate points, which MemeFi will then convert into crypto once it’s completed its testnet phase. MemeFi is still a newer game, with just 4 million users, but its unique clan system is already attracting a lot of attention.


Dotcoin is a clicker game whose players tap to earn coins. Its concept is somewhat similar to other play-to-earn games like Notcoin, but its design is more streamlined: simply tap the dot and earn points. There are some booster options you can purchase, but you don't need to perform complicated mathematics to optimize your performance. 

Dotcoin is popular among users looking for an alternative to Notcoin. However, it's still fairly new, and hasn't managed to acquire quite as many users yet. Dotcoin hasn’t released any crypto tokens yet either, so community members who play the game are still speculating on market prices for the token. Dotcoin’s creators have said that they plan to release a token soon that will let users convert their Dotcoin points into cryptocurrency.


Avacoin is part of the category of Telegram games called tap-to-earn games, which encourage users to tap a button on the app and accrue points. The game also offers some chances to earn points by completing quests and performing activities. Unlike many other tap-to-earn games, Avacoin also has a complex market for people to buy and sell exclusive skins and boosters.

Avacoin is one of the top crypto games that’s already launched its currency. Users can exchange their points in the app for Avacoin tokens. The exchange rate for these tokens is one token per 1,000 gold dust points. Avacoin users can stake their tokens to earn staking rewards, and can also connect any TON crypto wallet to the Avacoin app.


W-Coin is an intriguing mix of tap-to-earn and quest-based gameplay. It guides users through various quests they need to complete, such as referring friends and performing tasks on social media. At the same time, players can also earn points by regularly tapping on the app's homepage. This creates a fun blend of mindless, addictive mechanics and social interactions. 

As users participate in W-Coin, they start to earn rewards that come in the form of points, also called W-Coin. If you like to earn staking rewards, you can choose to lock these coins and earn extra funds. It's also possible for coin holders to participate in votes on how to run the game. 

Currently, players are working on deciding whether to launch the game's native token on Ethereum, TON or Solana.

RoOLZ Quest

RoOLZ Quest is a quest-based game on Telegram. Users are given quests from the Telegram bot, and then earn in-game items and points based on how well they finish quests in the virtual world. RoOLZ Quest is part of a crypto mining project, so users who get points can begin automatically turning their points into crypto.

The native token of RoOLZ Quest is GODL, but many other virtual assets are also available in the system. RoOLZ Quest is also an NFT mining project. Players can receive NFTs for their actions and trade them based on rarity. Tap Bot

This Telegram tapping game is fun and easy. Users click on buttons through the bot to earn coins. Like many Telegram games, prioritizes entertaining and simple gameplay. The more you click, the more you'll earn. is a crypto exchange with a dedicated fanbase, so this app has done quite well. recently reaching over 1 million users. People using the bot hope to earn eligibility points that they can put toward the native token that is releasing. Named CEXP, it’s a highly anticipated token that many are looking forward to in summer 2024.

Pixelverse XYZ Bot

Pixelverse XYZ Bot is one of the more elaborate Telegram games. It's incorporated into a broader virtual world within the web3 space, so users can choose to visit the site for more complex gameplay options. Explore a cyberpunk universe, craft robots and battle others in player-versus-player (PvP) battles. Within the Telegram space, Pixelverse XYZ Bot is mostly a tapper. You can click on the bot to earn points to spend in the in-game economy.

Pixelverse XYZ Bot is an intriguing look at how to incorporate Telegram games into a broader web3 ecosystem. Though the Telegram game itself isn't likely to attract its own dedicated audience, it does receive regular use from people playing the main Pixelverse game. Eventually, Pixelverse plans to launch a crypto token called PIXFI that may result in more monetary rewards for Telegram users.

Treasure Tapper

Treasure Tapper is a classic tapping game that runs on Galachain and TON. Users can click on the Telegram bot in order to earn money. In addition to competing with other people to see who can tap the most, players also get to experience a daily rewards system. Each day, players have a task they can complete to earn more tokens.

The native token of Treasure Tapper is called TREZ. Each tap results in directly earning TREZ tokens, so Treasure Tapper is one of the more straightforward games. Users don't have to convert tokens or wait for airdrops. Instead, taps directly convert into crypto for investors to use.


REKT is a little different from most other Telegram games on this list. Instead of letting you earn cryptocurrency directly, REKT involves wagering. Users can place bets on various games through REKT. You must connect a crypto wallet and stake crypto to start playing, but once you do, you can also end up winning prizes in the REKT Telegram game. 

REKT has its own native token, also called REKT. Players who participate in gaming on the REKT Telegram channel can earn REKT as a reward. These tokens are also distributed as part of the rewards system for wagering on REKT gameplay. 


The Metagarden gaming ecosystem hopes to attract Telegram users by simultaneously offering multiple games. The system contains multiple, interconnected games that users can play. Metagarden games range from classic ones, such as poker, to simple tapping games. Users can earn METAGARDEN tokens as a reward for performing various tasks within the Metagarden gaming system.

Metagarden is still a very new ecosystem, so it doesn't have many users yet. However, it does have big plans for the future. The company hopes to launch 100 crypto games on Telegram by the end of 2024. 

Are Telegram-Based Crypto Games Worth Trying?

Telegram blockchain games have a lot going for them, and have attracted plenty of attention lately due to their entertainment factor and their ease of use. Unlike many other play-to-earn games, the games on the Telegram app are extremely simple and straightforward to try out. Within seconds, you can be earning money in Telegram games while having fun. Some people report that it's possible to earn up to $250 per hour by playing Telegram games. 

However, keep in mind that Telegram games can be quite time-consuming. Even though you can earn rewards, many investors find that they can earn more by simply devoting their time to regular crypto trading. Unless you genuinely enjoy the games, spending time completing quests and clicking buttons might not be worth it for you. 


Caveat Emptor

Telegram games function like all other virtual assets: if there's no demand for a game anymore, the value of its in-game currencies can dry up. It's important to research each game carefully before trying it, so you don't devote your time to seeking worthless in-game assets. There's also some risk associated with playing newer Telegram games that haven't released coins yet because users don't even have a guarantee their efforts will turn into a tradable currency in a crypto wallet.

Though there are some potential risks associated with crypto gaming on the Telegram app, it's still a good idea to keep an eye on this category of games, as it’s certainly impacting the crypto market right now. Even if you don't want to play the top crypto games, you can still take them into account when planning investments. Telegram games are a hot commodity right now, so trading in their coins can be just as profitable as other categories, such as meme coins. As long as you do your research and avoid overextending yourself financially, Telegram game cryptos can be an exciting addition to your portfolio. 

The Bottom Line

Telegram games make it easy for users to play games while also earning valuable in-game items. This simple ecosystem of bot-based blockchain games is surprisingly flexible, ranging from basic tap-to-earn games to complex base-building games, so there's an option for every type of gamer. Even if you aren't an avid video gamer, it's a good idea to check out Telegram game crypto tokens if you want to keep up with the latest crypto trends.