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Planet (PLANET): Saving the Planet With Blockchain Technology

7 Th08 2023

There’s an increasing focus on sustainability in communities and circles around the world that’s been reinforced by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. However, technology and sustainability have often been viewed as opposing forces. Now, a new blockchain project has a solution with a focus on addressing key environmental and social issues. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Planet is an innovative crypto project that aims to address pressing challenges associated with pollution generated by the tech industry, as well as other sustainability and social issues.
  • Looking to trade PLANET tokens? Bybit now offers the PLANET/USDT Spot trading pair. To celebrate this listing, Bybit is holding three exclusive events where you can earn from a 2.5 billion PLANET total prize pool.

What Is Planet?

Planet is an innovative crypto project that puts the pressing challenges associated with pollution generated by the tech industry in the spotlight. In addition, it enlists the support of celebrities to address environmental, sustainability and social issues.

The United Nations has detailed 17 Sustainable Development Goals that target everything from hunger and poverty to sustainability, climate action and more. Planet’s unwavering commitment to drawing more attention to these SDGs actively uses modern technology to spur action. At the same time, its platform offers its growing community opportunities for financial gains through NFTs, staking and other key features.

History of Planet

Planet was launched with the lofty goal of offering financial growth opportunities to its community members while also supporting sustainability initiatives. Features like Real World Asset NFTs, staking and the PLANET Ecosystem Fund are already up and running, and will be further developed. Still other features, such as exclusive NFTs, are pending release. Planet has also announced its collaboration with Lionel Messi, and will soon introduce two other well-known celebrity affiliates to increase awareness of the initiatives it supports.

What Does Planet Aim to Achieve?

Planet maintains an unwavering commitment to raising awareness of key issues related to sustainability, social problems and more. It has partnered with soccer legend Lionel Messi to expand the reach of its message and encourage greater user interaction with the platform. In addition, the revenue generated through Planet’s features is distributed to the PLANET Ecosystem Fund. Token holders are incentivized to be active in the community with various discounts, early-access opportunities and more. 

How Does Planet Work?

Planet operates with a sustainable business model and is working toward an annual revenue of approximately $100 million. Once that’s accomplished, the project won’t need funding or grants to maintain its operations. Planet’s DAO governance is focused on making community participation profitable. In addition, its awareness and financial support further social causes and environmental sustainability.

Features of Planet

Planet offers several key features that elevate its utility for crypto investors, and those who want to make a positive impact in the world. 

Unique Real-World Assets

Planet allows for the tokenization of Real World Assets (RWAs) so that they can be used in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. By allowing real-world assets to be converted into NFTs, these assets can then be bought and sold on the blockchain using the PLANET token.

PLANET Ecosystem Fund

The purpose of the PLANET Ecosystem Fund is to actively support technologies, projects and initiatives that drive meaningful change. A key aspect of the PLANET Ecosystem Fund’s value lies in the team’s effort to identify initiatives likely to yield the greatest impact. Funds generated from the sale of NFTs are allocated for distribution to these initiatives. 


The PLANET Protocol has been designed specifically to accomplish two core objectives. First, it optimizes profitability for its users. Secondly, it supports sustainable projects and initiatives. The protocol’s allocations are determined via sustainable startups, AI-based trading and other outlets. PLANET Protocol’s double focus thus achieves a balance between making a positive impact and maximizing profits for its users.

Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes are a special incentive available exclusively to PLANET token holders. Wallets that hold an average of 100,000 PLANET over a 60-day period qualify to receive a Mystery Box. The specific value of each Mystery Box could exceed $100,000. Mystery Boxes may also contain other real-world assets, such as merchandise or real-life experiences.


PLANET token holders can participate in the project through the community-governed PLANET DAO. Its primary goal is to foster positive change in pressing challenges related to social causes and sustainability. The DAO also manages the PLANET Ecosystem Fund. In addition, the DAO plays a key role in Planet’s financial stability. 


PLANET tokens can be staked to generate considerable rewards. Specifically, the annual percentage yield (APY) for the staking pool is 50%. Staking is only offered for ERC-20 PLANET tokens. 

The first staking pool was open from Jul 17, 2023 through Jul 24, 2023, achieving a total of 100 billion tokens staked. The staking period is 90 days.

Exclusive NFTs

A key feature of Planet that will come online soon is its collection of exclusive NFTs. On the surface, these NFTs will feature rare digital artwork. However, they’ll also conceal real-world assets. This unique approach to Planet’s exclusive NFTs will give them intrinsic value. Wallets that hold at least a million PLANET tokens over a 30-day period (starting Jul 21, 2023) will qualify for NFT minting. 

Planet Road Map

Planet is a relatively new project, but it’s already garnered ample attention from both conscientious crypto investors and celebrities like Messi. In the near future, two other celebrities will be announced as major endorsers of the platform. Upcoming events including ambassador programs and hackathons will reinforce community engagement. Planet also intends to use its Fund to financially support various projects aligned with its sustainability objectives.

PLANET Tokenomics

Planet’s native token is PLANET. The token plays a key role in the community’s DAO governance, allowing token holders to participate in key decisions related to the project’s financial stability and the initiatives it supports. PLANET tokens are also used for NFT purchases and distributed as staking rewards. 

The max supply of PLANET tokens is just over 1 trillion. Planet’s Buyback & Burn mechanism reduces the circulating supply, so growing scarcity may reinforce the token’s value. 

PLANET Price Prediction

The current price of the PLANET token (as of Aug 7, 2023) is $0.00005613, which is up 0.5% over the 24-hour high. Its current 24-hour trading volume is $2.6 million. The highest price paid for PLANET was $0.00009224 on Jul 9, 2023 (39.17% higher than its current price). The lowest price paid was $0.00004834 on Jun 16, 2023 (16.06% below its current price).

Market sentiment for PLANET is strong, and some sources believe that it will continue to grow. According to CoinCodex, the PLANET token may be worth $0.00007938 in 2024 and $0.00009886 in 2026, and could climb to $0.000136 in 2028 and $0.000176 in 2030. 

Where to Buy PLANET Token

PLANET tokens are available on a few cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bybit. To get started, set up a new account on Bybit if you don’t already have one. Click on the Sign Up button at the top of the Bybit homepage, and complete the short setup process. Then, you may proceed to fund your account with cryptocurrency and navigate to the PLANET/USDT Spot trading page to start trading. 

To celebrate this listing, Bybit is holding three exclusive events for users to earn from a 2.5 billion PLANET prize pool.

The first event is being held exclusively for new users from Jul 31, 2023, 10AM UTC through Aug 21, 2023, 10AM UTC. Simply be among the first 2,000 users to complete the following steps during the event period to receive 750,000 PLANET each:

  • Sign up on Bybit and complete Identity Verification
  • Accumulate a deposit volume of at least 1,730,000 PLANET, or deposit 100 USDT and buy 100 USDT worth of PLANET via your first trade on Bybit

The second event is for users who have already created a Bybit account prior to Jul 31, 2023, 10AM UTC. Simply deposit a minimum of 1,730,000 PLANET, or deposit 100 USDT and buy 100 USDT worth of PLANET with your Bybit account to earn 200,000 PLANET. Please note that rewards will be distributed on a first come, first served basis to the first 2,500 users.

The third event, for all users, runs from Jul 31, 2023, 10AM UTC through Aug 21, 2023, 10AM UTC. To participate, you can stake up to a maximum of 4,000,000 PLANET with Bybit Flexible Savings to earn up to 333% APY. The best part about our Flexible Savings is that you can unstake your assets at any time! 

Is PLANET a Good Investment?

Planet is an innovative project that actively supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals through both awareness and financial contributions, while offering opportunities for investors to gain financially. The PLANET token is available at a very low price today, which enables investors to purchase large quantities without a major financial investment. 

With the strong market sentiment and predictions for a sizable gain over the all-time high price over the next several years, PLANET could be a project worth getting involved with. Of course, it’s recommended you still do your own due diligence and research any project thoroughly before making an investment decision.

Closing Thoughts

Planet strikes an essential balance between advancing sustainability initiatives and offering financial opportunities for investors. Bybit has recently been added to the list of cryptocurrency exchanges offering PLANET tokens, which makes it easy for you to join the Planet community today and hold your tokens for a new all-time high.

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